“Here's How To Stop
Premature Ejaculation”

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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Let me say straight up, it's not your fault. More men suffer from premature ejaculation than you would believe. 

The good news, you've trained yourself into premature ejaculation over the years and it's possible to train yourself out of it.

It this article, I'll discuss one method you can use to control your ejaculation so you choose when you want to ejaculate.

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The Insert Method

This is a pretty simple method. It involves enjoying sex normally. 

Carry on with foreplay as normal. Once you get to the pentration part, you need to check your breathing.

Is your breathing rapid? Are you excited?

If so, you need to slow your breathing down. Start taking deeper breaths and try to relax as much as possible.

Penetrate and enjoy sex as normal (remembering as much as possible to keep you breathing slower and deeper than usual. 

When the time comes that you feel you are almost ready to ejaculate, stop thrusting. Instead, push your penis further into your partner's vagina. Now, move your pelvis in a circular motion.

This "break" has two results: it continues to stimulate your partner and it gives you time to calm down and allow the "I'm about to come" feeling to subside. 

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There are many techniques you can use to train yourself into lasting longer in bed.

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