Avoiding Premature Ejaculation The Easy Way

Avoiding premature ejaculation is
simple if you follow a plan...

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Avoiding Premature Ejaculation

There are several methods you can use to avoid premature ejaculation, but one of the most effective is Kegel exercises.

Using Kegel exercises you can train yourself to be a stronger, better and longer-lasting lover.

Kegels strengthen the same muscle that you use when you want to stop peeing mid-stream. This is called the PC muscle or "pelvic floor". The easiest way to find the muscle is to make yourself stop peeing mid-stream. If you can do that, you've found the muscle.

Now that you've found it, what can you do with it?

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You can do that exercise (the same muscle contraction you did to stop urinating) anywhere. Just contract the muscle, hold for a few seconds and then release. There is no need to do more than 10 at once.

The beauty of the Kegel is that it can be done anywhere... In the office, in the car, in the shower...

This exercise, done regularly will allow you deeper control of when you ejaculate... Good for you and good for your partner.

Note: As with any exercise, don't over do it. Plus, do not try more than once to stop peeing mid-stream because it can have side effects. When you are doing Kegel contractions, ensure you are using the PC muscle only (if you are contracting your abs or legs at the same time it is not effective).

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